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Leather balm for the care of your goatskin or cowhide leather gloves. Hestra gloves are made to last. Hestra Leather Balm is formulated to allow leather to retain its suppleness and water repellency. With some love and care your Hestra gloves will last even longer. Good for you, good for the environment.

All-Natural Ingredients: Lanolin, wax and vegetable oils (Oberon). Prolongs the life, suppleness and water repellant properties of the leather.

Caring for Hestra gloves:

  • The more you wear your gloves the more you should condition them.
  • Grease the leather regularly and it will resist moisture, wear and tear better. Moisten the leather a little first. Use a polishing cloth and rub in the grease until the leather is saturated. Do this in the evening and the grease is absorbed during the night.
  • If you have gloves with breathable materials like Gore-Tex, you should avoid silicone impregnation. It clogs the pores and reduces the material’s breathability.
  • Drying Gloves: Gloves should be dried at room temperature. Never put your gloves in the dryer, or near direct heat (including open flames, radiators, tumble-driers and ovens).
  • To view the rest of the Hestra glove care guide - click here & then select GOOD ADVICE to go straight to Hestra's web site (this will open in a new window).


Size: 60ml

Hestra Leather care balm

SKU: 9170
  • Hestra is known for making some of the world's best gloves.  The company makes gloves for Alpine and Freeskiing.  Hestra, a family business (operating as Martin Magnusson & Co.) was founded in 1936 and is now run by the third and fourth generation of Magnussons. 


    Both design and development are still carried out at the headquarters in the small village of Hestra, Sweden.  The gloves are manufactured in their own factories and they personally buy all leather, fabric, wool and other materials. This ensures the high level of quality that comes with a pair of Hestra gloves.  Several of the models are handmade by some of the most experienced glove makers in Europe.

  • 9170

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