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About us

The Alpine Room have been trading as a sport shop since 1970. So without a doubt we are a long established ski shop. Run by the same family since the beginning we pride ourselves on being a specialist snowsports shop.

Every year we put together a stunning collection of snow wear, for men, women and children. Beautiful designs from our carefully selected snow wear brands to mirror the many types of skier and their requirements. 


Here we have brought together our Luxury Collection.  This site is a showcase for those brands that offer a superior product in the styling, materials and design.  High end ski wear for those looking for something to elevate them from the crowd, sometimes daring, sometimes with sleek sophistication. 


The Alpine Room Luxury Collection is for those looking for something extra special.  Check out the Designers pages, each collection tells a story.


Enjoy the collection and live the high life!  



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